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[ANN] [XERO] XEROM [ETHASH] [Decentralized Masternode protocol]

What is Xerom?

Xerom is a rapid development chain where node improvements (and other proposed changes) will be production tested before being rolled into Ether-1. Both chains will work with and support the global ethoFS network of redundant content delivery nodes. Xerom will deliver additional robustness to the underlying file replication and delivery, on a separate blockchain, providing fault tolerance and performance benefits. Most importantly perhaps, Xerom delivers development process agility.

Xerom comes into existence to address a very real problem every cryptocurrency development team encounters when trying to improve the software rapidly. The problem is with making changes to existing core functionality and testing new feature improvements. Testnets are of limited utility because no one can predict and replicate the uses cases of actual users. The two things which help the most with software maturity are real-world use and the passage of time. With Xerom, we take the two best things in software testing and we use them as our allies to make sure Ether-1 only gets changed in ways which have been tested by real people over a good amount of time.

Xerom allows us to take the spectrum of effectiveness and adoption we can achieve and creates further gradations to allow for more use cases and belief systems to coexist within the ecosystem. Those who prefer carefully tested changes can watch Xerom to see how the new features are functioning and use Ether-1; those who prefer to live on the bleeding edge and have access to the latest features can use Xerom/XERO.

 To that end, it’s worth mentioning that Ether-1 will continue as the primary project, using a council based governance system. Xerom will be an ally to Ether-1 in a league of confederated crypto coins, which will be created shortly after the launch of Xerom later this month. Xerom will have its own team and some members will be in both Ether-1 and Xerom management for the time being while Xerom is being bootstrapped.
We want to include all existing ETHO holders in the creation of XERO as valued stakeholders, users and decision makers, therefore we will be transferring all user held wallet ETHO balances to XERO at a 1-to-2 ratio. This means if you have 30,000 ETHO, you will receive 60,000 XERO.

The XERO balance transfer will not apply to the Ether-1 Developer Fund, or to the Masternode fund.

If you are running any type of Node on the Ether-1 Network, the wallet in which you hold your collateral will be credited with the equivalent XERO Balance. You do not have to do anything to the node. Please do not take your ETHO Nodes offline as this will result in a loss of node rewards due to the downtime.

If you want to be sure you’re included in the balance transfer, please refer to this checklist. If you are able to check all of the boxes then you are eligible for the balance transfer:

  • Your ETHO Coins are not on an exchange.
  • Your ETHO Coins are not invested in Fuse.
  • Your ETHO Coins are in an address where you control the Private Key.

If your ETHO coins are stored in the Android or iOS Wallet, you will need to export your private key or keystore files to access your XERO coins. We will release guides on how you can access your XERO in the coming weeks.

Decentralized Node Protocol

The node protocol removes all the centralized aspects of node deployment and payments. Most Ethash Masternode blockchains run a centralized node-validator and payment module. On Xerom node validation is done via our masternode consensus mechanism as well as node payments.


Ether-1 chain snapshot at an unannounced time on June 20, 2019; this is done to ensure there is no manipulation to the snapshot (make sure to have your ETHO balance in your wallets to be included in 1:2 airdrop, no exchange balances will be credited).

Xerom launch on June 28, 2019.

Xerom Nodes Version 1.0 will be activated at block 200,000.

Xerom Nodes Version 2.0 will ship at a later time with ethoFS.

Important Links:

Xerom Website: (Here you will find the full monetary policy, team members and other useful information)

Xerom Node Website (Incomplete):

Xerom Explorer:

Xerom Web Wallet:

Xerom Public RPC:

—Xerom Network Specifications—

Project Name: Xerom

Project Ticker: XERO

Algo: Ethash

Block Reward: 26 XERO

Target Block Time: 13 secs

Network ID: 1313118

RPC Server:

Dev-fund: 2 XERO Per Block.

—Extra Information—

Xerom had No ICO.

Xerom has No Premine.

Join us on Discord:

Follow us on twitter:

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